Сontemporary new house near Immolanjärvi lake

€ 299 000
Lavarannankuja 1, 55910 Imatra, Suomi

This beautiful spacious house located in Ruokolahti. What a beautiful place to live! Perfect for those who love water views, sandy beach, and good fishing.

The first floor of the house comes complete with delightful living room, charming kitchen, dining area, light room, laundry, WC, showers, sauna and entrance foyer. Three additional bedrooms, hall, WC and balcony are located on the second floor.

Fireplace brings wonderful feeling when it’s on. Perfect for winter holiday season.

Private backyard with dining area and path leading directly to sandy Immolanjärvi Lake beach.

Kitchen appliances: dishwasher, electric stoves, refrigerator, freezer, integrated cooker.

Central sewerage and plumbing. Electricity heating. Floor Heating. Batteries.

The home has satellite.

The center of Imatra is about 15 km away.

To Lappeenranta is about 48 km.

Property is 14 km away from the Freeski Ski Center in Ruokolahti

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    300 m²