Selling your real estate property

Selling a home is never an easy decision, we attampt to provide their customers with as much support, advice and guidance neccessary to help make that decision.

Our mar­keting includes the fol­lowing services:

We care about people who ask for real estate service from the beginning to the end.

Real estate agent’s fees – 3,5 % of the pur­chase of the property + VAT 24 %.

Renting of the apartments, cottages and commersial property

We can also assist you in renting of the apartments, cottages, houses, commersial property.

Buying a real estate property

On this site you can famil­i­arize woth property in sale. But if desired property not found – write us your needs (terms, loc­ation, any other fea­tures) and we will try to be usefull for you.